Dr. Terry Moses provides psychological support services to athletes and nonathletes who desire to reach optimal performance levels. His office provides a safe and nonjudgmental place for people who need to develop coping skills for their anxieties, fears, and other mental oppressions. Dr. Moses works with everyone as an individual and utilizes a whole person concept when developing performance enhancement plans. Some of the common challenges that people face are performance anxiety, undefined anxiety, fear of failure, public speaking anxiety, perceived inability to quit smoking or lose weight, or are seemingly unable to perform under pressure.
Research proves individuals who employ goal setting, routines, motivation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, self-talk, and imagery attain higher performance levels. In addition, hypnosis is another beneficial methodology which supports athletes and nonathletes in providing a foundation for overcoming anxiety, fear, and developing repetitive skills performance. Sport psychology techniques and hypnotherapy enable people to proficiently develop the requisite cognitive skills and abilities for long-term success and optimal performance.